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    project developments

    Testing new electronic components
    Engineering by Sérgio Gonçalves
    «CREATIVE ALGORITHMS» weaves art in a digital world
    Arts did not escaped the allure coming from the digital world. A new generation of creators, thinkers and cultural mediators, consistently and regularly, use this new kind of language. "Ciência Viva and "Espaço do Tempo” (directed by choreographer Rui Horta) challenged several artists working in the area of digital interactivity, to create a serie of exhibition projects in this field. The show took place in February, in "Pavilhão do Conhecimento” – "Ciência Viva” (Lisbon - Portugal). Creative Algorithms is the answer to this challenge: an exhibition of 12 works in areas as diverse as interaction design, physical computing, robotics, artificial intelligence and systems engineering. In "Play With Fire play” we may gain environmental awareness, in "Pray for Our Souls” we are confronted with absence and longing; "Imaginary Direction” leads to three-dimensional sound, in "WIPO” we try to find answers to big questions of the universe; "0 0255” shows us a 100% green city; "AnonMirror” reflects the anonymous that lies within us; "Disposable Beauty” challenges us to shed out our prejudices; "Creatures” turns our bodies into animated characters; "Teleforma” questions us about words we use; "ICU” is a robot that follows our movements, in "Prefall 135” we figure out how water energy can generate audio and visual in real-time and "Onomaphonic” we can observe the visual representation of sound. 
    "pray for our souls” works in progress, it was exposed on the Creative Algorithm Exposition, that took place in Lisbon Knowledge Pavilion on February 2012.

    works in progress, patent during the Creative Algorithm Exposition.

    Ballon ilumination detail.
    Assembling Creative Algorithms Exposition in Montemor-o-Novo Castel.

    pray for our souls soundtrack

    This audiovisual projects consists of 12 instrumental loops, each one represented by a pulsating balloon in the shape of a heart, which in turn represents a living soul. All 12 loops, when played together, create a complete feeling of harmony and calmness. Seamlessly each loop fades out, leading to an unavoidable emptiness. Naturally, the heartbeat stays until the end.

    tags: soundtrack audiovisual classical electronic funk heartbeat koursaris kyriakos loop pray rock souls video games Lisboa


    storytelling for pray for our souls soundtrack

    (available in portuguese)

    This story shows us the first steps towards of a premonitory and subliminal storytelling for "pray for our souls" soundtrack. It emerged, more or less, thanks to a spontaneous grow of some texts written during the development of two prototypes for the subject of Integrated Project into the Master in Technology and Digital Arts at Minho University

    Written by Rui de Carvalho

    Narrated by José Pinheiro Neves